Dating Relationship Tips For the Best Sexual Experience

You have been dating that hot girl for a while now and you really like her. However, you have no clue what dating relationship tips you need to follow. This could be because some of your friends have given you general ones and you want something that is off the beaten path. You do not want to be seen as a sex starved man, but at the same time you are dying for a romp. Situations like this are where most men are stuck with. Here are a few things you can do:

Park Talk: Take your hot girl out to the park on a date. Pack some champagne and finger aphrodisiac food. While you are sipping on champagne, lie on the blanket spread out and ask her if she is in for an interesting whispering game (park whisper). Then whisper your fantasies into her ear, she will follow suit. Spare no detail and let it get as explicit you want. Keep your cool and watch her getting aroused with just talk. This is the best park dating relationship tip to break the monotony of just going out on a date.

Black Licorice: While we are on talking about aphrodisiac foods with our dating relationship tips, black licorice can work wonders. Invite her over for a movie at your place. Instead of popcorn, give her some black licorice and don’t forget to act innocent. Get cozy, and while you do that, the licorice will increase her sexual flow. While you are on the couch, make the most of it!

Dinner with friends: Not many would agree with this dating relationship tip but it can do wonders. The truth is it works all the time without fail. When out dining with friends, compliment her shamelessly. If you do not have any idea how to, play it safe and keep it general. When you are alone, whisper in her ear and tell her that she looks wonderful and you can’t wait to take her home. The anticipation will arouse her and not being able to do anything because of friends around will only heighten the experience later.

Perfume: One dating relationship tip that most men seem to ignore is smelling good. Women love men who smell clean. In fact, studies say that women remember fragrances when they think of a particular situation. Make it a point to smell good when you are out with her. She will never fail to take in a deep breath when you are next to her. The best way to heighten the aftermath is through perfume.

Long Distance Relationship Tips

So many long distance relationship tips can be found online and in print, and offered by concerned family and friends. If you are in one, chances are you’ve read and heard your fair share of advice on how to keep an LDR strong and lasting. Admittedly, being in a loving yet physically distant relationship with someone poses a unique set of problems, yet there are both practical and creative ways to address them. Consider these top three tips for people in LDRs.

1. Lay your cards on the table.

Long distance relationships occur more frequently than you think, so let the fact that even our grandparents had LDRs during the war reassure you that, indeed, there are ways for them to work out. One of the most basic yet practical long distance relationship tips is never to play it by ear. This means seriously talking about your expectations in your union, and how you plan to deal with being physically apart for a certain period.

Take the most important factors into consideration: frequency and means of communication, how to celebrate particularly important relationship milestones and occasions (such as anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas); and what your end goal is as far as the LDR is concerned. As well, it is good to set the parameters of your relationship status from the get-go: are you casually dating and open to seeing other people? Is it exclusive? Are you considered engaged and plan to marry as soon as you are physically together? Threshing things out so everything is clear may not sound very romantic, but it sets the grounds for how people in a LDR should conduct themselves, and make them realize what they want and expect from the relationship in the long run.

2. Shorten the distance virtually and creatively.

Be creative during the time you are physically apart. Yes, it requires more effort and perhaps a slightly bigger budget (for package deliveries, long distance calls, and air mail) compared to couples who live in the same area code or time zone, but to liven up a LDR, you must exhaust all means to make your partner feel that they are loved and thought about often.

The great thing about long distance relationship tips such as this one is that a LDR allows for extra mushiness between partners. So if you are a fan of music compilations, scrapbooks, fluffy stuffed animals, flowers, candy, and all the trimmings that can make your significant other wiggle with anticipation at the arrival of an air mail or package delivery, do it. Spend ample amounts of time chatting, talking on the phone, and looking at each other via web cam so always feel in sync with each other. Do not allow different time zones and geographical distance to make your relationship go stale and boring.

3. Work on having a strong and positive foundation for your relationship.

Instead of wallowing in doubt, jealousy, insecurity, and trying to control the relationship to work in your favour, focus on how to make it strong. Avoid poisoning your relationship with negative emotions, such as nagging your partner about their whereabouts all the time, or entertaining what-if scenarios every time doubt sets in. Any relationship, whether it’s a LDR or not, have to be built on mutual respect, trust, and leaving room for each other to grow. It could prove to be difficult, but here’s one of the best long distance relationship tips to consider in this case: always keeping in mind that you are individuals with a common goal of being together in the future can greatly help in giving each other time and space to reach both your fullest potentials, When you do this, you help pave the way to having an enriching union once you’re finally, truly together.

Following Relationship Tips To Find Your Way To Happiness

Every great love story includes a test of the relationship – the time at which the future of the union is questionable in the face of adversity. Stress comes and goes but a relationship that is solid in its ideals can stand up to anything; resulting in a committed and happy partnership. But for those seeking to find their way through the storms they face as a couple, the following of several relationship tips can be a ray of light in a dark place.

One of the most oft heard and respected relationship tips is that which focuses on communication between partners. Happy couples have great respect for each other that is fostered through their communication. Each partner feels heard and acknowledged. But this is not an easy accomplishment for many people. For those who have come to the relationship with different ideals about communication, they wind up feeling ignored or disrespected when faced with their partner’s own particular way of communicating. Such begins the lack of communication and the inability to understand each other’s needs. Subsequently, experts agree that one of the most essential relationship tips is to learn how to communicate with each other – and if that requires the assistance of a professional counselor, then so be it.

Which leads us to the next of the popular relationship tips – counseling. A great many couples find themselves involved in relationship counseling during some time in their partnership. Counseling is nothing to be ashamed of and should most definitely be pursued to help you over some of the rougher patches in your relationship. Awkward – and sometimes painful – counseling can be difficult; but the end result can be a new standard in your relationship – the quality of which you could never have imagined.

Another of the relationship tips involves trust. Trust is a rare commodity in relationships suffering the level of stress experienced in today’s society. Long work hours, limited quality time spent together, and a host of environmental factors can have significant impact on a couple’s ability to trust each other. But when trust disappears so does the basis for the relationship – the friendship. You would never keep a friend you couldn’t trust; so why would you stay with a romantic partner who you can’t trust? These are questions that must be addressed in order to reach your relationship’s maximum potential.

Relationship tips can be found everywhere from the television to your local bookstore. But the truth is that only you as a couple know what is most important to your future and long lasting success.

How to Save a Relationship Tips Top 10 Tips to Saving Your Relationship

I’ve put together a list of tips from different resources that will guide you on your path to getting your relationship back on track.

I know that having your relationship crumbling before you is horrible… It’s probably the worst emotional feeling.. There’s nothing concrete and you feel as if you’re dead inside… But  you can help yourself get back on track!

Tip #1. Keep a positive mindset.  Couples get back together ALL the time, regardless of their situation.  Remember that.  Recite it.  Let it set you free.

Tip #2. Don’t be pushy.  The worst thing you can do is be pushy towards your partner and have them react negatively.  Don’t be pushy.  Be structured in saving your relationship.

Tip #3. Learn to communicate your ideas and points in a manner that is easy to be heard.  This ties in with being pushy.  You know how your partner is and you know how they react, you have to “sneak in” the relationship fixing stuff in a positive way so it’s taken much better.

Tip #4. Bring in the old great memories!  Go out together if you can and relive some of your memories that brought you together.  Remember how special you are together, and more importantly, remember WHY you are so special to each other.

Tip #5. Kiss!  It’s not surprising that most couples going through relationship toughness are barely physical.  Surprise your partner with a quick kiss!  Catch them off guard, make them say “wow, you’re spontaneous!” and get some butterflies going.  Your relationship is down, but you are not out!  Do some spontaneous kissing to mix things up!

Tip #6. Smile!  Smiling actually makes you feel better.  Smile at your spouse.  Make them smile back.  Things are tough, but you both are stronger together.  Delight in the fact that you can still smile at each other.  This will do wonders in small steps to getting back into a healthy relationship.

Tip #7. Kissing is great, and a wonderful step, but normal touch is very important too!  Touching actually causes chemical reactions inside your body!  Make sure that you set these off.  Remember why you are meant for each other.  Touch each other, make each other feel good.  Hug each other.  Hugging does wonders.  It’s the simple stuff that saves a relationship.

Tip #8. Seek counseling.  This may not be for everybody, but it does wonders for some on saving their relationship and marriage.

Tip #9. Talk with friends.  Having both sides being able to freely express themselves to friends can make things come full circle and have your issues known among each other.  Save your relationship by sharing your burdens with your friends, and having them help you through the tough times.

Tip #10. Stop making the mistakes so many people make when trying to save their relationship.

Relationship Tips For Men

These are some of the top relationship tips for men who want to keep their lady, as well as the best tips for those who should or need to lose their lady.

Relationship tips for men who want to keep their partner happy:

1. Chivalry should never die – Send her flowers, hold the door for her, and tell her she is beautiful. All these little things do count, and she will notice when you go out of your way for her.

2. Put her first – If you really want to start a life with someone and a serious commitment has been made, the most important thing is to put your relationship first. Your partner needs to know and be truly convinced that she comes first in your life. If you walk all over her she will walk away from you.

3. Show her your true self – A common mistake that guys often make is feeling that their partner won’t like the real them, so they put up a front or a mask. Many men resist emotional intimacy because it promotes openness and vulnerability. This is a huge mistake they end up paying for through a dysfunctional relationship.

4. Keep the lines of communication open – If something is bothering you then open up about it. Chances are your partner can already sense that you are not your usual self and that something is not quite right.

5. Get emotionally connected the physical way – Snuggle, hold hand, gaze into her eyes and touch her when appropriate.

Relationship tips for men who need to jump ship:

1. There’s a lack of mutual attraction – if you’re not into her then it’s time to pull the plug. Staying with someone because you are afraid to be alone, or just don’t want to give up on the time invested is not a good enough reason. Likewise if you sense she’s not into you, then the sooner you end it the better. Engaging in this type of relationship is just denying the inevitable. It will eventually end and you will have invested even more time into a dud relationship or you will stay together and be miserable; it’s a “lose-lose” situation.

2. You don’t like who you are when you are with her – If your partner drives you crazy and you turn into someone you don’t like very much, it’s time to let go. Similarly if you cannot be yourself around her, then it really isn’t worth investing anymore time in the relationship.

3. She is unfaithful – There is always one ‘get-out-of-jail-free card’ with this. If the relationship is strong enough and your partner is sure it was a mistake that won’t happen again, you should seriously consider forgiving her. But if she continues down that path and the behavior is repeated, then it’s time to kick the relationship to the curb. You deserve better.

4. You find yourself isolated – If your partner attempts to isolate you from your friends or family then there is a real problem. In a strong relationship the two of you should be able to maintain a healthy balance between your old life and your new life with your partner.

How to Keep Your Relationship Strong

Relationships take a fair bit of work. Everyone, no matter how long they have been together, whether they just met or have been married for years, will have to work at their relationship with their partner at some point.

If you want a really, strong, loving relationship which brings joy to both partners, read on! The following are the top tips on how to ensure your relationship LASTS and is strong enough to deal with any conflicts that arise.

Relationship Tip #1 – It’s ALL about being a Friend!

Romantic love does not always last. Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to be all “lovey-dovey, cuddling by the fireside,” romantic with your partner. This is not to say that romance is bad, just that you can’t maintain it 24/7. If you think romance is all there is to a relationship, you’re looking for trouble. To have a strong relationship, even when the romance is not present, you need to be really good friends.

Good friends are the people who are there when times are bad, living through the tough times with you, and giving you a shoulder to cry on and support when you need it. Good friends are there in the tough times as well as the good, fun times. Your spouse or partner should be your very best friend, being with you through good and bad. You need to do the same for them.

This way, when romantic love is not as strong, you’ll still stay together and eventually, the romantic love side will come back and you’ll have the joy of falling in love again with your closest friend.

Relationship Tip # 2: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

You can’t be a best friend in your relationship, unless you can follow this relationship tip. You need to be able to communicate your feelings and thoughts to your partner or spouse. Many couples, especially those who have children, find themselves living in easy companionship, often talking through or about the children, but without touching on their own deepest emotions, fears and joys.

A good, strong relationship will feature communication of all sorts, sometimes “deep and meaningful” and sometimes about the every day things that make up life.

Relationship Tip # 3: Accept Each Other

Your relationship is precious. It is the one place you can truly be yourself, flaws and all! This acceptance of each other, only happens when you can be free to be yourself without worrying about judgment. Remember, your spouse or partner in the relationship is the only one who sees you naked, and often the only one who sees the ‘front’ you sometimes put on for other people. They are still with you and love you despite your ‘flaws’. No-one is perfect, so you have to accept some ‘flaws’ from your spouse too.

Be aware here that I am talking about recognizing the slight imperfections every one has and still loving your spouse, things like “he’s getting slightly bald, but he still loves to cuddle me”, or “She’s put on weight since the kids, but she still makes me laugh and see the fun side of life”. I am not talking about abusive relationships or accepting ‘flaws’ that are destructive to you and each other in any way.

Relationship Tip # 4: Spend Quality Time Together

Freedom to be yourself, good communication and joyous friendship can only happen in relationships when you spend time together. Find something you both like to do that encourages activity, turning off the television and actually talking to each other. Spending quality time together is an investment in your future relationship. You can really only feel loved and loving towards your partner if you are with them.

Time is money and many people work hard these days to pay the bills. Children are also good ‘time-eaters’ in that they demand a lot of your time and energy every day. However, your spouse needs you too and your time together is precious.

Try for a ‘date’ once a month – going out to dinner or a movie or even just a coffee in your favourite café, without anyone else or the children. This precious few hours will give you a chance to recharge your relationship and invest in the future.

If you don’t take up this relationship tip to spend quality time with your spouse, you could find yourself waking up some years from now and thinking “Who is this stranger sitting at the breakfast table? I don’t know him / her as a person anymore!”

Keep Your Relationship Strong

If you invest in your relationship now, you will find you enjoy a strong relationship that will see you through the worst times in your life, and give you much more joy in the good times. You’ll need to keep working at it though. Hopefully, these few relationship tips will help you to keep your relationship strong.

Relationship Tips For Men 10 Tips to Keep Your Woman Happy


Guys, do you know how to handle relationships? Here are some relationship tips for men to help you keep your woman happy.

Ten Relation

ship Tips For Men To Keep Your Woman Happ

Tip 1. The first of my relationships tips for men is to always be yourself. I don’t know why it is, but many men don’t feel that they are good enough to catch a beautiful, sexy woman, so they feel they have to put on a show. But, you know something? Most women will tell you that a confident man is the sexiest beast around. Have you ever noticed that some of the ugliest guys have some of the prettiest women? That is because they display a level of confidence that women find more attractive than physical looks.

Tip 2. you don’t have to be over elaborate to impress her. Little things mean a lot. Things like leaving a note for her in the house, saying simply “I love you”, or giving her a bag of her favourite sweets from time to time. Most men think in terms of grand gestures, when in actual fact all the little things you do can add up to a long and lasting relationship.

Tip 3. If you really do want to keep your woman happy, let her know you appreciate her, and never EVER take her for granted. Let her know how much you value her opinions, and how much you enjoy her company.

Tip 4. Never, ever eye up other women when you are with her. If you do, she will be inclined to think that you are comparing her to the woman you’re looking at. Woman have a biological need for monogamy and trust, so resist your natural urges to ogle other women when she’s with you.

Tip 5. The next tip to keep your woman happy is to make her laugh. Unlike men, women list a good sense of humour ahead of good looks and a nice body, so keep her laughing, and there’s a better chance the relationship will last.

Tip 6. Try to find common interests. It may well be that you got together through sharing a interest or hobby, but it does no harm whatsoever to try and develop an interest in a passion that she has. This will show her that you really care about her.

Tip 7. Don’t get sloppy. Just because you got the girl, it doesn’t mean that you can let your appearance go. You may think you don’t have to try anymore, but she will appreciate the fact that you continue to present yourself as being clean, neat, and well groomed.

Tip 8. Make an effort to impress her parents and her girlfriends. If you want to keep your woman happy, she will have to be relaxed about bringing you in to her social circle. Most women need to have reassurance that they have made the right relationship choice, and that will come if you have made a favourable impact on her friends and parents.

Tip 9. Always be considerate and respect her feelings. If you have been dumped and trying to win your ex back, being considerate and respecting her feelings are a must if you get a second chance.

Tip 10. The last of my relationship tips for men to keep your woman happy, is to be open minded to trying new things. When you first start dating everything you do together is new, but after a while, these things become routine. If you find that your relationship is becoming stale, then consider doing different things together.

Follow these ten relationship tips for men, and you will keep your woman happy. If there are problems in the relationship and you are trying to save your marriage, or even get your ex back, this advice works. There’s nothing new or magical here, just plain common sense, so make the effort, and watch your relationship blossom.